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Welcome you to the website of the Institute of Hotel Security Management.

Using this site, hotel management and hotel security professionals will be able to see and share images and details relating to persons who have or are suspected of committing criminal acts against hotels and similar organisations.

A hotel by its very nature is open to the public; nevertheless it can attract criminal activity.
On hotelsecuritymanagement.org members can share their experiences and expertise with others. You will also be able to find a range of services to assist you and obtain helpful hints on how to make your business more secure.

More about The Institute...

was founded in 1987 as a result of the amalgamation of the Association of Hotel Security Managers and The Guild of Hotel Security Managers, both of whom had been operating since 1975.


Ø Providing professional organisation

Ø Promoting mutual cooperation

Ø Promoting the Institute and its values within the hotel and catering industry

Ø Maintaining close liaison with law enforcement agencies


2016 agm group photo