The Institute of Hotel Security Management meets regularly to discuss all aspects of Security and Safety within the hotel industry.

Guest speakers are invited to attend the meetings and deliver presentations which are of immense interest to the members.
The topics range from new and innovative security products, health and safety matters, fire precaution legislation, disability requirements.

Officials from various law enforcement and government agencies also attend meetings and discussions are held regarding terrorism, crime prevention and major events.

The IHSM maintain a close relationship with bodies such as the Security Industry Authority, the Travel Industry and the British Association of Hospitality Accountants.

In addition the Institute wholly supports the Hotel Industry Fraud Forum, Projects Griffin and Argus.

The aims of the IHSM are to provide the hotel and catering industry with a professional approach in dealing with all matters related to security, fire, health and safety.

We also provide speakers to give presentations to other professional bodies regarding best practice within areas such as fraud, cash and key handling controls and advice on security products.

The IHSM liaises with other organisations who are also dedicated to crime prevention.

We circulate immediately by e-mail in order to alert our members of suspects who have been identified/disturbed in the commission of crime.

Institute of Hotel Security Management