By Eleanor Barlow, Content Manager, SecurityHQ

There are many threats currently targeting the Insurance Sector, and these threats have grown over the last few years significantly. This is primarily due to the fact that the industry holds a vast amount of monetary wealth. In addition to this enticing factor, new products, solutions, and services are

According to the data presented by Atlas VPN, web threats have increased by 133% in November and December of 2021, compared to September and October. In addition, JavaScript downloaders and crypto miners were the most active web threats at the end of 2021.
Web threats affect everyone and every device that is connected to the internet. Web

Nearly half of employees (42%) across the UK are unable to identify a scam email purporting to be from Royal Mail.

That’s according to a new survey was conducted by Opinium Research and OpenText Security Solutions and at a time when cybercriminal activity is rife, with the average business targeted 28 times by cyber threats in the

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