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Total Revenue Forecasting ClassTotal Revenue Forecasting ClassDate:10th June 2022Time: 9:20am – 10:20am

Total Revenue Forecasting (TRF) is under discussion nowadays, as many businesses realize the opportunities and the revenue potential of Total Revenue Forecasting.   TRF is often the first step towards implementing “Total Revenue Management” so get started with this

In-person Masterclass or Watch the Recording

Date:10th June 2022Time: 10:50am – 11:45am

This course will cover the topics of content and rich media specifically for the hotel marketers and distribution people.

Content matters.

It represents one of your hotel’s key “salespeople,” available to guests whenever and wherever they are along their purchase pa

In-person Masterclass or Watch the Recording

Date:10th June 2022Time: 9:20am – 10:20am

What will you learn:

  • Where is data available (it’s easier than you think)
  • How to read, and gain insights from data and reports
  • How to present data in a visual way to make it easy to understand for your audience
  • What is the ‘right data to use at the right time to make t

Physical security budgets and optimistic outlooks are up along with interest in/adoption of digital and collaborative system design technologies, but similar challenges plague system integrators and enterprise security professionals year over year.

That’s according to the second consecutive Physical Security Industry Benchmark commissione

Mosques and Muslim faith schools have been given access to £24.5 million for security measures to protect their places of worship and schools.

Research indicates Muslims continue to experience an increased threat of hate crime: in 2020/2021, 45% of religious hate crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales were targeted against Muslims.