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    • Your initial set up for site access and on the alerter system will be done by us once you become a member.
    • On the site you will be given a username and a password.
    • You can change your profile details from your members profile screen after you login from the front of the website.
    • This includes your email address and password.
    • You must inform us so we can change the secure alert system email.
    • IHSM Membership Information New 21

      Welcome to the IHSM membership information page

      Types of membership:
      Full Membership

      Annual Membership fee: £90.00
      Full Membership is restricted to those responsible for the management of security within the hotel and catering industry.  An applicant will be required to show that they are in full time employment with a Hotel, Group of Hotels or Catering Company and is responsible for the security operation.  Persons employed on a part time basis, or as consultants, or in some other advisory capacity are eligible for full membership unless the circumstances dictate that there is a conflict with the Institute or any of its members. An applicant who is employed by a Contract Security Company but is responsible for security within a Hotel, Group of Hotels or Catering Company are also eligible for full membership.

      This includes:

    • New Member help

      As a new member you will have received an invite to join the IHSM Alerter system (Google group), it is purely used to notify you of alerts. Please do not send emails to it. Once you have accepted the invite, you do not need to login to it again. You should only use your dedicated hotel email. We use the alerter system to reduce the email load on the server and to comply with email regulations.