How to log in. 
When you receive an email from the alerter system, there will be a link provided that will take you to the login page and then the latest alert listings. 
You can also log in by visiting the login link and then navigate the site as per normal menu buttons;

How to send alerts. 
once logged in, navigate to the send alert link. 
Complete the form with as much detail as possible. 
If uploading images, ensure they are less than 2meg in size. 
Where possible do not attempt to upload documents.
Do not upload images that are emeded in documents.
Ensure you allow images to upload and then press continue. 
When in the alert form do not use the browser back button.

Using the UPDATE link, enter the changed details only. 
Usually the only reason to alter an alert is to add images. 
Updating an alert will not automatically send another alert email.

How to change your details. 
If you change hotels, postition or email address you can click the profile link when logged in, and then change your details.
You will need to notify the site administrators to change you on the alerter email system for security purposes.

Why do i get and email from Google Groups?
We use google groups to distribute the alert email to all our members to reduce our emails being considered spam. 
You will be sent an invite to the group, you must accept this to receive alert notifications. If you change email address, you must inform the site administrators. due to data protection policies users on the system are strictly controled. 
Do not send emails to the alerter system unless told to do so. They will not be distributed.

What happens if you cant access the site. 
First check that it is not your computer or internet link. 
The site can also be accessed via
If on the odd occasion the site needs to be taken down for maintenance you will be informed to email the alerter system.
The alerter email will be manually checked for emails and they will be sent out.

Any other questions should be sent to the site administrator