IHSM Bursary Award Scheme

As a professional organisation we are committed to raising standards within the security profession and in particular, the hospitality security sector. We recognise the value and importance of continuing professional development and encourage members to undertake a passage of learning that drives quality and standards.

Training & Development is a in important element of CPD, building knowledge, skills and greater understanding. To this end IHSM has created a Bursary Scheme which provides a level of support to help fund recognised professional qualifications.

Eligibility for Applications

Applicants must be a current Member of IHSM and have retained membership for more than 1 year.
Make a commitment to remain as an IHSM Member for at least a calendar year following the achievement of any Certification resulting from a bursary
The scheme may also be awarded to a direct report to / a team member managed by a current IHSM member
The award is available as full or part contribution towards the full cost of the desired course
An individual may only receive 1 bursary award within a 3-year period
Application Process - Completion of application form that requires:

Application Criteria

  • The course title, brief description and course provider.
  • The amount of funds being applied for
  • Date and duration of Course
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Recognised Courses

Below are several recognised professional courses that IHSM support and are relevant to the career development of those employed within our sector. On application other courses may be accepted – the decision will be taken by the IHSM Committee of the day.

  • Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM): L4 / L5 programmes
  • International Foundation for Protection Officers: Range of Education programs
  • Perpetuity ARC Training: range of education programs
  • ASIS International – Exam Fees: APP, PSP, CPP
  • IOSH: Range of courses
  • Sustainability
  • Funding:

IHSM will fund individual applications of up to £350
The annual fund made available by IHSM will be £1500
Sponsors may be sought / offered to fund additional opportunities from time to time
Funds will be transferred to individual private bank account of applicant, not to any employer or other business or entity.
*NOTE – If course is not undertaken without reasonable grounds within the time frame applied for then the funds may need to be returned to IHSM in full.