IHSM Members Log in

As a new member you will have received an invite to join the IHSM Alerter system (Google group), it is purely used to notify you of alerts. Please do not send emails to it. Once you have accepted the invite, you do not need to login to it again. You should only use your dedicated hotel email. We use the alerter system to reduce the email load on the server and to comply with email regulations.

You will also have recived a website username and password. These are used to login https://hotelsecuritymanagement.org/membership/login and read  or enter  an alert email. The alert email has very limited information for security reasons and contains a link to view an alert. You need to visit the main website at hotelsecuritymanagement.org

The form is very simple to complete, if uploading images, please keep them under 1mgb .

As the Institute is a paid membership website, the details provided on your application provide us with your contractural consent to process your data and any additional data you give us.
Your profile can be acessed and edited eg for change of hotel email address  via https://hotelsecuritymanagement.org/community

If you have any questions please contact the site administrators or the chaiman. Please notify us immediately if you change your hotel, or you think your login details have been made public.

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